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Meet The Team - Nadine Simsar

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Most of you will have met Nadine, but for those who haven’t yet, here’s a bit about Nadine and what inspires her.

Originally from France, NZ has been Nadine's home for 22 years and it is in Raglan where she moved recently that she envisioned this regenerative eco village to take shape.

Nadine started her career in business but changed her life path by becoming a yoga teacher 14 years ago. She ran her yoga studio in East Auckland and created a close bond in her community of students . She has a passion to help facilitate positive changes into people’s life and bring more consciousness to it.

She has a strong desire to live in community and experience the fast track personal development that comes with it. Nadine has three children , loves yoga, conscious dance, water, and thrives in transformational spaces. Her main qualities are kindness, curiosity, empathy. With the ability to gather people around a common cause, Nadine has pioneered a vision for transformative change for how we work, live and play together. She brings her experience in business and community wellbeing to lead a momentum team to bring this project to life. Her dream is to help co create this massive endeavour for the benefit of people who will live there, the local community and far beyond.

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