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We are letting go of 3 Upper Wainui Road...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Raglan Ecovillage Project

To live in a regenerative way, healing and connecting the whenua and people

We aim to be a flagship project that demonstrates a model of integrated-systems development that will become an example and inspiration for how we can develop and live in a sustainable and regenerative way that will inspire the people of Aotearoa.

Kia ora e te whānau o Whāingaroa,

Last September I presented the Raglan Ecovillage Project proposal to the Raglan community and was thrilled to receive hugely positive feedback from the majority of those who attended. It was clear that there was both a desire and need for affordable, sustainable living in Whāingaroa.

From this evening where the seed of the vision was planted, with a dedicated team of volunteers and professionals, I’ve been on a continual journey of learning, collaboration and investigation to clarify if we could turn this dream into a reality on a particular piece of land in Raglan.

3 Upper Wainui Road is a stunning piece of land nestled between Karioi and Whāingaroa Harbour that was offered exclusively to us for sale by the owner who supported the idea of our project. A contract was signed which gave us 11 months to do our due diligence and see if this land would be suitable for our vision.

The Momentum team came together after our initial public meeting and has been made of amazing humans that have willingly given their time, skills and energy over the past year to drive this project that they all believed in forward.

We were driven by the desire to create not only a sustainable community for residents, but a flagship project that could change the paradigm of how we live, build, and connect to each other and the earth. The escalating crisis of the pandemic and climate crisis confirmed for all of us the desire for profound change.

We defined our impact mission around affordability, climate change mitigation, land regeneration and community wellbeing.

In the past year we’ve rolled up our sleeves and done our Ecovillage mahi with passion and inspiration.

Take a look at what we’ve achieved:

  • Created a network of supportive local key stakeholders and professionals.

  • Defined a vision statement, design brief and membership process.

  • Developed an affordability proposal based on the shared equity model

  • Shared discussions with the neighbours to hear their questions and concerns.

  • Met fantastic and inspiring people who helped us along the way.

  • Became clearer on what our mission is and how to achieve it.

  • Created a positive connection with the Council through kōrero with key decision makers.

  • Been inspired by and begun relationships with similar projects in New Zealand and overseas

  • Learned from top professionals in the field of co-housing and community living.

  • Did the maths with a high level budget and got clearer with a program.

What we learned:

  • Building connections is the key.

  • Together we are stronger.

  • Resilience and perseverance coupled with good intention for the community will pay off long term.

After the extensive work undertaken, and consultation with those that the Ecovillage would benefit and affect, it is with a great feeling of sadness that I share the news that we have come to the conclusion that the land on Upper Wainui Road is not, at this point, suitable for our project.

We encountered significant opposition from the neighbours who did not support the increase in density proposed for the site and the potential impact on the land and their own properties. We felt that ultimately the cost of land and the uncertainty in securing resource consent meant that the project was not feasible on this land.

Despite the disappointment of letting go of 3 Upper Wainui Road, it’s not all bad news! Much of the work that has been done around the project is still valid and can be adapted to another piece of land. In the next few weeks, we will announce how we aim to move forward and keep on building the Raglan Ecovillage Project with the help of the local community.

If you are interested to participate in anyway in this project, please contact us at

Nadine and The Raglan Ecovillage Project team

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Dear Penelope and team, In these times it might feel like the air is out of the balloon 🎈. A lot of positive energy has gone into this over the year. I can't help to think of the analogy of giving birth and the point where mum thinks she has nothing left. Transition is happening. In spirit, faith and hope with you all, I am keen to participate and would love to stay connected with the project.

Replying to

Thanks Claudia Maria, it is a very touching message. Yes it is going to be a time of recalibrating and I am sure great things will come out of this time of reflection and introspection. We are not giving up. Thanks for your offer to participate.

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